PhD Info


The University of Pisa PhD Program in Clinical and Translational Science is a multi-disciplinary graduate program at the interface between clinical research and discovery science.

The program covers five broad research fields

1) Endocrinology, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Medicine;

2) Oncology and Molecular Medicine;

3) Imaging, Simulation and Planning;

4) Immunology and Microbiology;

5) Neuroscience;


The mission of the PhD Program is to prepare and train internationally competitive translational scientists.


To provide a comprehensive knowledge of translational research methods and techniques in clinical science in order to train and further prepare scientists, by enriching their curriculum with a high degree of cross-contamination between neighboring research areas.

Core Competencies

Perform clinical and/or preclinical research that adheres to principles and guidelines of ethical conduct

Critically appraise existing literature and sources of information

Accurately select, use and interpret appropriate statistical approaches

Apply and use adeguate study design and methodology to address research questions

Identify and measure relevant and meaningful research outcomes

Adhere to legal and regulatory issues related to clinical research

Publish research-based manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals

Prepare and submit grant proposals

Provide constructive insight and feedback to colleagues

Contribute to interdisciplinary collaboration